The venerable Jorge .:: OpenSource Bibliography Manager

Jorge is an OpenSource bibliography management software entirely written in Java. It will provide an free alternative to professional bibliography management software like EndNote©.

In the first step you will be able to create your own literature database. From this literature database you can create citation lists and export them to BibTeX or plain text formats. The database itself will be an XML-File as the saveable citation lists will be.

In a second step I try to implement an search interface to the Z39.50 protocol libraries. This is for to connect to public libraries via the ISO Z39.50 protocol. With this search you will be able to access a wide variety of libraries via the internet and import search results to your local database.

You are kindly invited to post suggestions on features and design issues in the projects forum.

Where does the name "Jorge" come from?

I chose the name because of two reasons originally inspired by Umberto Eco - the famous italian writer. In his novel "Name of the rose" he introduced a very old man who keeps the library in an ancient cloister. This man was called "The venerable Jorge". Eco chose this name as a tribute to Jorge Luis Borges - an also famous writer from Argentina. Borges in turn wrote a short story called "The library of Babel" (1941). So I think this is a good choice, isn't it?

Further details are at this projects page on

Current state: Beta

Screen shot:

Screen shot of Jorge Alpha
Copyleft: This software comes under terms of the GNU Public License as found on This means in short words: Logo  Java